Nutrisophy | Toitumisnõustamine, holistic health coaching
Holistiline toitumiscoaching. Loo endale maitsev ja täisväärtuslik elu! Holistic health coaching. Craft your own nutritious life!
toitumisnõustamine, coaching, coachimine, holistiline nõustamine, toitumis- ja elustiilinõustamine, toitumisalane coaching
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I´m Eva, a certified holistic health coach and founder of Nutrisophy.

I work with women to help them to craft their own style of nutrition which serves best their unique body and lifestyle – their nutrisophy.

Discover the right food for you, reconnect with your authentic self and start living the life you were meant to live!

My training:

– Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (INCH), Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), New York, USA

– Nutrition advisor with introduction to functional nutrition, Annely Soots Health School, Tallinn, Estonia

– Holistic training, Holistic Therapy Institute, Tallinn, Estonia

I´m a supportive member of Estonian Union for Nutritional Advisors, International Association for Health Coaches and Health Coaches Community.

Coaches Community.

Through my own journey, I realized that I want to help and support others to live healthier, happier lives. In addition to my studies as a nutrition adviser and integrative nutrition health coach, I´m continuously attending workshops, webinars and online courses to know more about hormonal problems, autoimmunity, leaky gut, functional medicine, Lyme disease etc.

I believe that:

– the right food helps you to re-connect with your authentic self;

– even a small change can be life-changing;

– finding the balance is the key;

– we all deserve to live our life to the fullest;

– it´s never too late;

– disappointment is inevitable, suffering is optional.

My story.

I find that the right food is fundamental in healing.

There was always something wrong about how I felt in my own body, but I wasn´t sure what should I do differently.

For my 32nd birthday, I had been diagnosed with several autoimmune diseases and was taking medicines every day to keep going. I felt totally lost, couldn´t think clearly and had serious memory problems, not to mention anxiety, lack of sleep and no energy.

I was wasting my precious life!

What was my turning point? I had enough and decided to take responsibility of my own healing. I also had a friend who confronted me and asked me exactly the right questions at the right moment, when I was ready to listen to them.

I know how important it is to have somebody at your side to reflect your situation, to challenge you and support you. This is why I believe in health coaching which I didn´t know even existed back then.

Therefore, I decided to be my own health coach. I started to study about nutrition, changed my diet and healed my gut. Amazing changes started to happen almost immediately and everything began to come together.

In addition to my dietary changes, I went through my thoughts and feelings, my lifestyle and goals. Today I have my autoimmunity under control, I am medication free and able to live without pain, with clear mind and vision. I have re-connected with my authentic self and building up the life of my dreams.

Food really matters, but we are all different and the holistic approach is the key to healing.

What brings me joy?

Graena, Sierra Nevada, Andlauusia (14)

Journeys. I was born in a small island and grew up reading Jules Verne´s adventurous books – they belonged to my grandpa, who was a sailor. Soon my own travels began. These journeys have taught me to see the beauty of the human soul everywhere I go. But the most exciting journey has been the one to myself.

kodulehele 3

Stories. We all have our unique story, our own novel of life. I feel grateful and honored by every encounter I have had on my way, where several stories have connected, creating the whole new synergy. This is an ongoing process, an amazing pattern of life. Everything happens for a reason.

kodulehele 2

Laugh. I couldn´t live without laughing and I believe that there is a place for humor even in the most serious situations. One good laugh alters your brain chemistry and gives you an amazing energy boost. My favorite is black, self-ironic, satirical yet benevolent humor.